Naira Sahakyan

Laboratory assistant e-mail: Naira Sahakyan joined CCCS as a laboratory assistant in April 2013. Naira Sahakyan holds her bachelor degree in Yerevan State University, Faculty of Oriental Studies and Master’s degree at the same faculty. Her current research interests are Islamic law in the

CCCS Board

Prof. Aram Simonyan YSU Rector  Prof. David Hovhannisyan Head fo CCCS  Artak Apitonyan


The Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies (CCCS) was founded in April 2007. The research activities of the Center focus on a wide range of issues including value systems, civilizational streams, mechanisms of intercultural cooperation, regional socio-political processes, as well as public policy making. The Center periodically publishes the results of its work in the […]

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