Fatwā as an instrument of information-psychological warfare (case of Syrian crisis)

The state of affairs during the two world wars in the 20th century determined the need of creation of new tools of war. As it turned out afterwards these new tools were not only the most expensive ones, but the most effective ones as well. This weapon is the information as a tool for information and psychological influence on masses. Although the information and psychological warfare’s history goes far back to ancient times, this phenomenon rapidly developed in the 20th century, when information technologies became the dominant forms of mass-communication. Many institutions of Islam tried to fit in this ever-changing world. One of these institutions is the institute of fatwā. During the Syrian crisis it was showen how the fatwās had become dangerous weapons in the hands of the opponents of the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Fatwās are used by many of opposition muftīs in order to influence the masses and to send them tօ jihad against the Syrian authorities.

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