Analytical Bulletin 7

The establishment of “Islamic Caliphate” on 29th of June, 2014 is one of the signs of radical Sunni globalization project.
“Islamic State” (IS) is one of the main threats to the international community, it stretches across multiple provinces in Iraq and Syria and is controlled by militants of radical “Islamic State” group.
The seventh issue of The Analytical Bulletin of CCCS is devoted to the IS-related security issues and includes articles on the following topics:

Sunni radicalism: The “present” and the “future” (Davit Hovhannisyan);
Historical evolution of Sunni theory of caliphate (Naira Sahakyan);
“Islamic state” from the origin to the declaration of caliphate (Sargis Grigoryan);
The reaction of famous Muslim experts in Islamic law on proclamation of “Islamic state” (Sona Tonikyan);
“Islamic state” and U.S. Policy: Assessments and perspectives of American research institutions (Tatevik Mkrtchyan);
The coverage of “Islamic state” activity in Russian mass-media (Sevak Karamyan);
Iran’s response to the activities of the “Islamic state” (Anna Gevorgyan);
The role of Turkey in the formation of ISIS (Varuzhan Geghamyan);
The hydrocarbon facilities of “the Islamic state” (Hayk Kocharyan).

In addition to these articles, the bulletin includes the articles related to regional problems. These articles explore the following topics:

Armenian communities in the Middle East: Between imposed realities and uncertain future (Hratch Tchilingirian);
Ibn Khaldun’s concept of ʻAṣabῑa in the context of “unfinished” Egyptian revolution of 2011 (Marieta Bazinyan);
Global conflict and the “Cartoon war” (Davit Hovhannisyan, Naira Sahakyan).

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