Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan is the Executive Director of Social and Kultural Innovation Lab Charitable Foundation (SKIL), specializing in social and cultural innovations, implementing various projects in creative and innovative ways.
H. Hovhannisyan is an acknowledged expert in religious studies and ecclesiology. From 2003 he is teaching at Yerevan State University, Brusov State University a number of subjects: “History of Religions”, “Religious pluralism in Europe”, “Religious Tolerance in US”, etc H. Hovhannisyan is an active participant of civil initiatives trying to root the civil society values in Armenian society..
He is author of a book on the Church reformation, “The reformation movement of Armenian Apostolic Church at the beginning of 20th century (1901-1906)” which was a serious input in the study of Armenian Church History. He is also an author of more than 40 scholarly articles.
From 2005 he actively participated in many international conferences and workshops and tried to input his experience in the higher education system of Armenia. He also developed special courses in Vanderbilt, Cambridge, Yale, Tubingen Universities promoting the development of curriculums and new teaching methods and methodologies.

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