Democracy is the main precondition for the conflict resolution or freezing

Today a discussion on the peculiarities of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and similarities to other conflicts were discussed at YSU Centre of Civilization and Cultural Studies.
The results of the research “The lessons of Basque country in the context of Nagorno Karabakh conflict” were presented by the representatives of the Centre for Regional Researches Haykak Arshamyan and co-author of the research Mikayel Zolyan.

Director of the Centre of Civilization and Cultural Studies David Hovhannisyan, emphasizing the importance and relevance of the subject, said all conflicts have common sides, but the peculiarities are that help to freeze the conflicts before the emergence of new developments.

Mr. Arshamyan spoke about the key parts of the research and Mr. Zolyan made a detailed presentation of the study results and their consequences, stressing that the core of the research is that democracy is the main prerequisite for conflict resolution or freezing.

Experts at the Centre for Civilization and Cultural Studies Anna Gevorgyan and Hayk Kocharyan, who have studied in details this research, asked the author a number of questions, emphasizing the idea that there is the answer to the question “what to do and what for”, but there is no answer to the question “how to do”.

“I agree there is such gap, but it should be noted that if we understood how to achieve the peaceful resolution of the conflict, there will no more be a need for such studies,” – said Mr. Zolyan.

This is the third study, which was conducted within the British program “International Alert”, supported by the European Union. The previous researches related to the Northern Ireland and Basque country conflicts.

The main goal of “International Alert” is to propose peaceful ways to resolve or freeze conflicts.

We should note that, in addition to the Armenian experts, Azerbaijani experts have also participated in the implementation process of the research on Nagorno-Karabakh- Azerbaijan conflict.


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