Analytical Bulletin 12

Analytical Bulletin 12. The processes in Armenia in 2018: Network Thinking. YSU, Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies; Yerevan 2018. p. 210:


Davit Hovhannisyan
Networks and the nature of Netstate
Armenian | pp. 7-17

Nvard Manasyan
The Possible Structures of Diversions of Exchange based or Non-Syntactic Communications in Networks 
Armenian | pp. 18-38

Nouneh Dilanyan
Education in the 21st Century: Networking Challenges and Opportunities 
Armenian | pp. 39-51

Shushan Kyureghyan
The Reaction of Armenian Community of Moscow to the Spring events in Armenia, 2018: A step to the Netstate 
Armenian | pp. 52-92

Hasmik Paremuzyan
The Reaction of Armenian Community of Krasnodar Region on Events which Took Place in Armenia in Spring 
Armenian | pp. 93-117

Anna Gevorgyan
Response of Iran and Iranian Armenians to 2018 Spring Events in Armenia
Armenian | pp. 118-131

Tatevik Petrosyan 
2018 Spring Events in Armenia and the Reaction of the French-Armenian Community 
Armenian | pp. 132-169

Tatevik Mkrtchyan
The reactions of Armenian Community in the USA to the Spring Events in Armenia, 2018
Armenian| pp. 170-209

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