TRAINING SEMINAR ON DIALOGUE AND UNDERSTANDING: SHAPING NEIGHBOURHOOD. “Debate and Negotiate for Democracy, Participation and Plurality”.

The CIVIC-Institute for international education will conduct a simulation game and workshop series in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, together with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA), which is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.
With this simulation the participants can underline specific aspects, e.g. chances for a permanent inclusion of bordering countries and their populations into subject matters and preconditions of European neighborhood policies.

With that, participants experience and understand those aspects in a controversial way. This initiates discussions close to reality, dealing with characteristics and values of life on the European continent and strategies to handle conflicts of interests.
The simulation Shaping Neighborhood shows alternatives of thinking on the European continent and it illustrates the importance that people take part in European processes as a whole in all countries that are involved. The peaceful and respectful life in a neighborhood is a cardinal point that the participants recognize with all its consequences in an interactive and practical way.

Of central importance is the common acceptance of European values: self-determination of Europe´s peoples, basic importance of human rights, legality of the administration on the basis of democratic decisions, independent justice as well as plurality of parties on national and European level.

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