YSU hosted the conference “Regional and National Security Dynamics. Armenian-Turkish Relations”.
The aim of the event is to explore key issues, obstacles and trends of the regional security system, as well as outline the impact of the processes aimed at the normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations.

Experts from Russia, USA, EU, Sweden, China, Iran, Turkey and Georgia participated in the EU-funded conference, organized by YSU Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies and Eurasia Partnership Foundation. Representatives of different state agencies of the RA also participated in the event.

YSU Vice-rector on Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan made an opening speech, highlighting the holding of the international conference at YSU and underlined the relevance of the topic in the current global and regional processes.

Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Pyotr Svitalski said that the EU attaches great importance to the implementation of programs aimed at the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, which contribute to the establishment of political, economic and cultural ties between the two states through different structures of civil society.

Unal Cevikoz, head of Ankara Political Center, noted that the establishment of positive relations between neighboring countries is principled and important for him.

“This discussion, which is held in the format of the conference, is another step towards achieving the goal. The security of the South Caucasus should be long-lasting and sustanable,” – said the speaker and stressed that it is nice to visit Armenia and communicate with Armenian colleagues.

Head of YSU Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies David Hovhannisyan touched upon the concept of the “Three Seas System”, developed as a result of scientific and research activities of the center and published in the analytical bulletin in 2016, which analyzes all the realities that have changed the essence of modern political, economic, cultural and social phenomena.

Then the experts presented reports on regional and national security issues in the context of Armenia-Turkey, EU-US-Russia-China, Georgia-Azerbaijan-Iran relations.

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