More Community! Debate and Negotiate for Interests and Compromises

The CIVIC-Institute for international education together with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany conducted a simulation game and workshop series in Armenia from 5 to 12 November.

The first one (4-5 November) in the series of training seminars Simulation for a modern community “More Community! Debate and Negotiate for Interests and Compromises” took place at the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF). The students from different faculties of Yerevan State University as well as non-student participants interested in European integration processes had an opportunity to discuss questions concerning democracy, freedom, civic education and civic society. The workshops were implemented through various role-playing games and simulations the purpose of which was to bring people together to improve communication skills, to identify the most prevalent concerns affecting our communities, to develop and implement key strategies to improve community life.
On 6 November Train the Trainer Seminar took place gathering trainers and young researchers interested in democratic teaching and learning. The participants were engaged in intense discussions analyzing and evaluating the ideas they had about democracy with the use of different methods. They acquired knowledge and skills on democracy building, which they believe would help them to realize their ideas in the future. All the participants agreed that the workshops and discussions were informative and educational.

The second stage (7-9 November) of training seminars was also held in Yerevan, but this time at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan. The seminar was attended by German Ambassador to Armenia Matthias Kiesler, who after greeting the participants emphasized, that this kind of activity-workshops would serve their purpose in the process of establishing civic society. The seminar showed interactive methods of working in the area of the European civic education. The participants received deeper understanding about society and about the processes in society from different perspectives. The simulation seminars were meant to promote active participation and protection of interests for acting in real life and to receive a deeper understanding of European sociopolitical connections. On the basis of decision-making processes, participants were able to reach their independent, self-negotiated and comprehensible solutions based on European experiences.

The third phase (10-12 November) of training-seminars took place in Vanadzor, at the branch of National Polytechnic University of Armenia. Trainers from CIVIC Institute Holger-Michael Arndt and Ani Ohanian represented to participants the new interactive methods in the area of the European civic education. Both students and young researchers got acquainted with the European socio-political connections and society processes from different perspectives. During the evaluation the participants reflected on the observations they have done during the simulations. At the end of the seminars the participants received Certificates of participation on a full attendance basis.

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