Analytical Bulletin 8

Analytical Bulletin N 8, YSU, Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies, Yerevan, 2019, p. 194 
The articles are written by graduate and senior undergraduate students of Georgian and Armenian universities under the guidance of the leading experts in both countries. From the Georgian side the project was implemented by the Institutes of Ethnology and Cultural Studies and the Association of Anthropologists of Georgia. From the Armenian side the project was conducted by the Center for Civilizations and Cultural Studies at Yerevan State University and “Hazarashen” Armenian Center for Ethnological Studies.


Forward by David Hovhannisyan
| pp. 9-14

Arzoyan Lilit
The Armenian-Georgian Window of Cooperation from the Economic and Geopolitical Viewpoint
| pp. 15-28

Chitaladze Ana, Grigoryan Tatevik 
Understanding Europeanization in Georgia and Armenia – Discourses, Perceptions and the Impact on Bilateral Relations
| pp. 29-54

Fljyan Amalya
The Impact of Sunni Projects on Georgia: The Case of ISIS  
| pp. 55-66

Bazinyan Marieta
Constructing a Nation: Identity Markers of Armenians (According to the Mshak Periodical Published during 1872-1892)
| pp. 67-80

Khvadagiani Salome
Religion as a Marker of Identity for Georgians (1860-1918)
| pp. 81-104

Gevorgyan Anna
“Maro the Fighter:” How Soviet Armenian Media Created  Politically and Socially Active Women through Media Discourse, (A case study of the newspaper Avangard (1923-1926))
| pp. 105-121

Manucharyan Nelly
The Reflection of Communist Ideology in the Street Renaming Policy in Soviet Yerevan (1921-1939) 
| pp. 122-155

Bodaveli Elene
The Reflection of Communist Ideology in the Street Naming Policy in Soviet Tbilisi (1922-1939)
| pp. 156-178

Gogava Iveta
Defining a Conceptual Framework for Identity Construction in Georgia in the 1900s
| pp. 179-194

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