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Mimesis, imitation or appellation to the memory. Davit Hovhannisyan

For a moment let’s imagine an abstract library that contains all sign systems that ever existed: systems of signs that in one way or another have been transmitting information regarding all the experience of mankind accumulated in time. Let’s call it a depository of Absolute Experience.

100 Days: The Foreign Policy Dimension. David Hovhannisyan

100 Days: The Foreign Policy Dimension Author(s): David Hovhannisyan Editor(s): Jeronim Perović, Lili Di Puppo, Iris Kempe, Heiko Pleines, Matthias Neumann, Robert Orttung Series: Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD) Issue: 53 Pages: 23–26

Value system and global migration flows

What man will take upon himself the attempt to “refute scientifically” the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount. For instance, the sentence, “resist no evil”, or the image of turning the other cheek? And yet it is clear, that, in mundane perspective, this is an ethics of undignified conduct, one has to choose between […]

A. A. Khachatrian. Armenia’s Arabic Lapidary Inscriptions of 8th—16th cc. (in Russian)

A. A. Khachatrian. Armenia’s Arabic Lapidary  Inscriptions of 8th—16th cc. D. Hovhannisyan, Review  (1988) Historical-Philological Journal , № 4 . pp. 220-223. ISSN 0135-0536 

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