Armenian-Georgian Relations: Actuality of Sustainable Development

Nowadays South Caucasus is a sub-region bordering one great power and two regional powers. It is considered as an important intersection of transnational infrastructure links. This turns it into a zone of superpowers’ vital interests, as well as arises growing interest by non-bordering great powers. The region is saturated with ethnic and confessional conflicts which […]

More Community! Debate and Negotiate for Interests and Compromises

The CIVIC-Institute for international education together with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany conducted a simulation game and workshop series in Armenia from 5 to 12 November.

Difference of Opinion: Experts divided in assessments of Yerevan’s help to Armenians in Syria

The opinions of political analysts over Yerevan’s providing assistance to ethnic Armenians in Syria differ. Hayk Kocharyan, an expert in Arabic studies, told media that Armenia does not take appropriate measures to lend a helping hand to Syrian Armenians.

Modern Man: Digitized Writing (in Armenian)

Within the framework of the topic of modern man, bibliographer Merujan Karapetyan and founder of Yavruhrat Publishing Marat Yavrumyan talk about the form, quality, speed and goals of transferring the script – the literature and knowledge in this present time. The conversation is hosted by Anna Sargsyan.

Will, independence and education

What is the relation between the will power and free creativeness, how can these affect learning and self-organization? How do these values work in our education system? Within the scope of the topic “Education and reality”, a discussion is held between ethnologist and social scientist Satenik Mkrtchyan and cultural anthropologist Tigran Matosyan

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