Lecture: Women and Armenian Mass Media

“Women’s Resource Center” NGO together with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung South Caucasus (Tbilisi) organizes the series of public lectures named “Women in Armenia: Searching for the Lost “Queens”” dedicated to analysis and discussion of the women’s issues in Armenia during the history and nowadays. This public event includes 6 lectures that aim to present women’s problems in […]

From Russia with lust: Russia as an object of sex in Russian Studies of US. Alexei Lalo

Description: Since the end of the Cold War, one of the new ubiquitous themes of East Slavic / Russian studies in the United States appears to be sexualities and eroticism: the ways Russians have sex, how they imagine it, verbalize it, trivialize it; how they fear it or, for example, how the theme of sex […]

Women’s religious leadership in cross-national contexts. Victor Agadjanian

Description: The presentation will start with a review of the literature on women’s involvement in leadership of religious organizations mainly within the western Christian tradition. It will then present a case study of a developing setting. It will end with a discussion of possible pathways to women’s religious leadership in Armenia and similar transitional settings.

Repertoires of democracy

Presenter: Evert van der Zweerde (in English)

On the current issues of security and defense of Armenia

Presenter: Yu. Cogan (in English).

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